Can I really take my painting with me after I purchase it on my phone?

Yes! just show your receipt to a Mill Top staff member for approval to remove, take and hang your new piece of original artwork in that awesome spot you see it hanging in.

What if I just paid for my painting and want to take it with me but it won’t fit in my car?

You can either return later with a vehicle that will be able to transport your new painting or contact the artist: Bobbi K. Samples at 317-840-9585 or use this contact form and she will help make arrangements (maybe delivery if your nice and live close enough).

Can my new painting withstand being in a location where there is sunlight?

Yes, all of my paintings have been glazed with a gel and then sprayed with an acrylic to protect them.

What height should I hang my painting?

A painting should be centered at eye level of an average person’s height. 

How do I hang my painting?

All of my paintings are 1" gallery wrap (with the sides painted). You can hang it directly on the frame with an appropriate number of nails to ensure it will be level and secure, or you can hang it on a nail or picture holder using the attached wire.

What do I do if my canvas stretches over time?

While this is a rare occurrence, there is help! Using a spray bottle, spray some water on the back of the canvas and it should tighten up. If after several tries and it still appears “saggy,” place a shim in the appropriate corner(s) to re-stretch the canvas.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my painting?

Yes, if you live in the state of Indiana a 7% sales tax will be added during checkout. If you live anywhere else, sales tax is not required.

Can I commission a painting?

Of course ☺  Contact the artist: Bobbi K. Samples at 317-840-9585 or here. All commissioned work requires a 50% deposit.

Can my painting be shipped to me?

Yes. Cost varies depending on the size of the painting and the location for delivery. Contact the artist: Bobbi K. Samples at 317-840-9585 or BOBBIK.com for a quote.